NFL Flexes Muscles Over Players’ Arm Wrestling Contest at MGM Grand

NFL Flexes Muscles Over Players’ Arm Wrestling Contest at MGM Grand

The NFL may have sanctioned the Raiders’ move to Las Vegas but that doesn’t mean it’s happy for its players to hold out in gambling enterprises, even for arm-wrestling competitions.

LA Rams’ Jamon Brown squares off against Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Howard Jones at the Pro Football Arm Wrestling Championship at the MGM Grand but are they about getting strong-armed by the NFL for engaging in casino promotional activities?

Over 30 players, including Maurkice Pouncey, Mychal Kendricks, Navarro Bowman, Kenny Stills, and Marquette King, may find themselves in hot water for competing in the inaugural ‘Pro Football Arm Wrestling Championship’ at the MGM Grand over the weekend.

The occasion ended up being co-hosted by Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison and former operating back Marshawn Lynch, a made-for-TV deal that is set to be broadcast on CBS on May 27 28.

But based on NFL policy, players are not permitted to ‘promote casino activities,’ which includes attending casinos as part of promotional activities, unless they look for pre-approval, which, according to the NFL, is really what everyone apparently forgot to complete.

‘Had we been asked ahead of time if this had been appropriate, we might have indicated it was in direct violation of this gambling policy,’ Joe Lockhart, the NFL’s VP for communications and public affairs, told USA TODAY Sports. ‘No one sought pre-approval.’

Gambling Machines Were Switched Off

But event organizer Alan Brickman, co-owner of the California-based company, Encinal Entertainment, claims the NFL had been aware of the contest as he had been on experience of the league in January when he attempted to hit a partnership deal for the contest.

Brickman stated that while no deal was agreed the league had suggested guidelines for the contests, including a ban on showing gambling-related activities or alcohol during the broadcast. All gambling machines within the vicinity of the event were unplugged as a result of these suggestions.

Perhaps players assumed that since the Raiders’ Las Vegas move had been approved, the league had gone soft on its anti-casino policy. Not therefore, however it does beg the question, what’s it going to be like when the Raiders actually begin playing in the city if the league is freaking out about a charity arm-wrestling contest?

Romo Incident

In 2015, the NFL barred Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo, and other people, from attending a fantasy football convention because it absolutely was to be held at the Sands Expo and Convention Center. This, despite there being no possibility to gamble during the center.

A supply connected with the meeting told FOX Sports that NFL representatives were players that are calling perhaps the parents of some players threatening suspensions for attending.

With Conditions, Casinos Betting on NFL Draft Wagering

Wagering in the NFL just went up another level as vegas sports books announced that for the time that is first would be taking action regarding the NFL draft this year.

For the time that is first sports books is offering the opportunity to bet on the NFL draft. (Image:

One of the sports books petitioned the Nevada Gaming Control Board to endorse the kind of wagering and the body that is governing it.

The business offered the authorization April 6, three days before the draft is to be held in Philadelphia and board chairman A.G. Burnett told the Las Vegas Review Journal that the stipulations were applied.

‘It has to be something that makes us comfortable from the standpoint that is regulatory’ Burnett stated. ‘Most importantly, that the outcome for the event can not be afflicted with a bet that is placed.’

Only Certain Type of Bets Allowed

Off Shore and internet sites have been action that is offering the draft for years, but this would have been a first for a brick and mortar establishment. It does come with strict rules. The landscape of gambling is changing in the united states as many more casinos dot the country.

Selecting who can be used because the number 1 overall pick won’t be allowed, or any other certain selection for that matter, but there is several proposition bets customers can make.

Some situations include number of players drafted from a particular college, conference or position, more offensive than defensive players selected in the 1st round and total number of quarterbacks, running backs or wide receivers picked in the round that is first.

Commissioner Cannot be Happy

This could be the second move contrary to the desires of Commissioner Roger Goodell, who’s got stated he could be compared to wagering from the NFL.

After the dog owner’s meetings last month in Phoenix, the head of the league arrived and voiced his continued opposition to gambling, specially legalizing it.

‘I think we nevertheless strongly oppose legalized sports gambling,’ Goodell told reporters at a news conference after owners conferences in Phoenix. ‘The integrity of our game is number one. We will not compromise on that.’

He may not be ready to, but a few round the game are ready to soften the league’s long stranding policy of stiff-arming an association with the activity.

888 Mulls Post Brexit Gibraltar Exit

888 Holdings has hinted for the first-time that it could move its headquarters from Gibraltar to Malta as a result of uncertainty surrounding the former’s post-Brexit future.

With this stone they built an important European on the web gambling hub, but this week 888 became the operator that is first suggest it might emigrate to Malta in the wake of Brexit. (Image:

Despite Britain’s assurances last week that it would protect Gibraltar’s interests during forthcoming Brexit negotiations, and Gibraltar’s main minister Fabian Picardo’s expressed optimism concerning the territory’s future as a gambling hub, 888, one of its biggest licensees, is having doubts.

In its annual report, published this week, 888 said that it would consider upping sticks for Malta, where it would be guaranteed future free cross-border movement of people, goods, services and capital with other EU member states while it intends to maintain a presence on ‘the Rock.

‘ The proposed status of Gibraltar in terms of the United Kingdom as a result of ‘Brexit’ is at current unclear,’ the report said. ‘If 888 had been to remain subscribed, licensed and running in Gibraltar in these circumstances, its ability to depend on EU freedom of services/establishment concepts in supplying its services within the EU will be limited.’

Governmental Uncertainty

888 said it unable to ‘control or mitigate’ political changes of this nature that it relied on EU principles for its regulatory strategy in major EU markets and that Gibraltar’s exit from the EU would render. It would, in the future, ‘reconsider the appropriateness of remaining registered, operational and licenced in Gibraltar in these circumstances.’

It also suggested Malta might be considered being an alternative ‘dot com’ licensing jurisdiction.

Gibraltar, that is a member that is eu virtue of its status as a British territory, voted overwhelmingly to remain within the union in this past year’s Brexit referendum, by more than 94 percent.

The web gambling industry is Gibraltar’s largest employer, accounting for around 25 per cent of its GDP. But because of its size, the vast majority of its workforce lives over the border in Spain. A lot of the territory’s cap ability to exist as a jurisdiction that is major lie in Spain’s willingness to allow some degree of cross-border movement.

Sovereignty Dispute

But Gibraltar is certainly the subject of a periodically aggressive sovereignty dispute between Britain and Spain, which ceded the territory towards the British in 1713.

Spain has recommended a ‘shared sovereignty’ approach, post-Brexit, that could allow Gibraltar to stay in the EU. But the Rock’s residents start thinking about themselves overwhelmingly British and possess rejected the proposal, despite exactly what making the EU might mean for their economy.

Numerous licensees have expressed their support for the hub, however. Lottoland CEO, Nigel Birrell, said in the wake associated with the Brexit vote, that Gibraltar was ‘the perfect base for our company, providing a excellent platform for our success.

‘Our business is thriving and some great benefits of remaining in Gibraltar stay very good indeed,’ he added.

Proposed Michigan Online Gambling Bill Would Only Authorize Internet Betting Inside Land-Based Casinos

The proposed Michigan online gambling bill that was introduced in early March by State Senate Majority Leader Mike Kowall (R-District 15) has hit a roadblock who has the possible to deliver the legislation way off course.

State Senator Mike Kowall’s Michigan on the web gambling bill might not liberalize the market outside of Detroit’s three casinos that are land-based. (Image: Michigan Senate PhotoWire)

Senate Bill 203 had been gaining support in the Michigan capital, but the revelation this week that gambling expansion must be approved by voters, not merely state lawmakers, is unquestionably a setback. Kowall’s statute would permit the current three casinos that are commercial Detroit and indigenous American groups with state compacts to engage in online gambling and poker.

Nonetheless, in an analysis of SB 203 completed this the argument is that the legislation could be considered unconstitutional month.

‘Under Article 4, Section 41 of the Michigan Constitution, any law enacted after January 1, 2004, that authorizes any kind of gambling must be authorized by a majority of voters in an election that is statewide’ the analysis details.

Law Matter of Opinion

A legislative analyst in the Michigan Senate Fiscal Agency, a response is provided to the potential unconstitutional basis of SB 203 in the bill’s legal scrutiny, which was authored by Drew Krogulecki.

Krogulecki claims the assertion can be made that Michigan legislation specifically exempts the casinos that are commercial Indian groups from Article 4, Section 41’s oversight. Since it’s the casinos that are licensed is permitted to take part in on line gambling, voter approval wouldn’t be required.

Should the opinion that voter permission is indeed required, Kowall’s law, if passed and finalized into law, would allow online gambling to commence limited to patrons that are physically located within the confines of the land-based casino. Though fiscal quotes recommend Michigan online gambling authorization could generate $30 million a year for the state once the market matures, the casinos probably won’t be willing to pay a $100,000 per year licensing charge to allow their hotel guests to gamble from the comforts of their rooms.

Tribes Voice Opposition

Kowall said recently that he’s ‘cautiously positive’ regarding the likelihood of SB 203. Those odds might now be tilting against the Senate majority leader.

In addition to convey constitutional concerns, there’s also the fact some Native American groups with casinos in Michigan strongly oppose the legislation. The tribes argue they already have the right to offer internet gaming on their sovereign lands and do not need the state’s costly license in a joint letter from the Nottawaseppi Huron Band of the Potawatomi and Saginaw Chippewa Indians.

The two groups respectively own the FireKeepers Casino Hotel and Eagle that is soaring Casino Resort.

‘By failing to recognize that Indian tribes are usually authorized to conduct on reservations internet video gaming under both the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, the legislation would curtail these lawful areas of Indian tribal gaming,’ the tribes opined.

The safe bet might be that Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware will remain the only three US states with some form of legalized online gambling in the near future with much legal uncertainty.

PR Firm for Edmonton Oilers Owner Daryl Katz Sued, ‘Indecent Proposal’ Criminal Complaint Emerges

High-rolling vegas gambler Robert J Cipriani, who made the news in belated 2016 for their role in busting a former soccer player-turned-drug kingpin, happens to be suing a PR company.

Echoing the 1993 classic ‘Indecent Proposal,’ a gambling high-roller, his Sofia Vergara-lookalike wife (right), and a Canadian hockey group owner (left) are embroiled in legal action after having a series of ‘he said, she saids’ resulted in a defamation lawsuit and a complaint that is criminal. (Image: Katz: AP, Santo: Rex/Shutterstock)

The firm, representing billionaire Edmonton Oiler’s owner Daryl Katz, is alleged into the suit to have made defamatory comments to a major news site, following an alleged ‘indecent proposition’ made to your gambler’s stunning actress wife that is brazilian.

Cipriani, who calls himself ‘Robin Hood 702’ because he allegedly gives their gambling winnings towards the poor, has sued the PR firm G.F. Bunting+Co for defamation. He claims the firm told the New York Post that he had been trying to extort $3 million from the Canadian pharmaceutical tycoon , Katz, who is also who owns the Edmonton Oilers hockey team.


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