Scottish North Sea Trawlerman Wins Biggest Online Jackpot Ever

Scottish North Sea Trawlerman Wins Biggest Online Jackpot Ever

Also after winning a £5.4 million jackpot that is online an Aberdeenshire, Scotland fisherman will carry on taking voyages like this one (Image supply: MailOnline)

Speak about a big catch.

An unnamed Aberdeenshire Scottish fisherman has reeled in a £5.4m ($8.67m) online casino jackpot but he has no intentions of quitting his life as a trawlerman on the North Sea. Even crazier, the jackpot originated in exactly what began as just 20p ($0.32) in play at a casino that is online. But even wallowing in this much dough, the person says he loves his life at sea and won’t be retiring any time soon.

Playing online slots at the BetVictor site, Mr. Big Haul says he will donate a number of their winnings to charity, and containsn’t yet decided what direction to go with the rest. Of course, if his tale ends up playing out like many a big lottery winner, he might be spending most from it on solicitors to get his greedy family relations off his straight back.

The winner apparently exclaimed: ‘When I won, the first person I told was my spouse. She was as shocked as I was. I will only compare the sense of winning as equal, but various, from the day We saw my son born.’

We’re sure your son will feel especially treasured by that comment down the relative line, sir.

Largest Online Payout to Date

The jackpot win is the largest ever hit at online bookmaker BetVictor.

‘I guess we all chase the dream and winning the biggest ever UK online jackpot was a dream be realized as it will change our lives we have no worries about the future now,’ said the trawlerman for me and my family. Right until the tax man and relatives you never came across begin knocking in your home, anyway.

Mr. Mystery Man’s day work that he says he won’t give up puts him in an important industry for his area; in fact, Aberdeenshire is known as Scotland’s primary fishing area. The ports of Peterhead and Fraserburgh will be the major employers in town, and hauls earned by these fishermen made up more than half of all Scottish-caught fish, centered on 2010 numbers, and 45 % for the entire UK.

The day-to-day life on these trawlers is far from simple, as anyone who has seen the popular Discovery Channel show ‘Deadliest Catch’ can attest. The water conditions and dangers of fishing in rough, icy waters that can reach swells of 30 feet and higher are similar in both areas although the TV show relays the at times brutally tough and extremely dangerous lives of fishermen in the Bering Sea off Alaska.

That’s A lot of Cod

Typical catches from the North Sea include the popular Brit ‘fast food’ of cod and fries that are frenchcalled ‘fish and chips’ in UK parlance). Some 100,000 tons of cod and other types of fish are taken to the docks every year from these dangerous voyages, although experts say stocks of most these fish are diminishing due to overfishing. Consumption of not only cod, but haddock, salmon, prawns and plaice (an orange-spotted flat seafood) comprises 75 per cent for the total British fish consumption.

Whoever’s ever visited A las vegas, nevada buffet understands that the demand for salmon and prawns could probably eat up a season that is entire intake as well.

And just like on ‘Deadliest Catch’, Scottish fishermen risk life and limb while splitting profits between the crew and the vessel owners based on how big a cache of fish ends up during the docks. Crewmen are sometimes at ocean for months at the same time.

Mr. Trawlerman’s big jackpot win is BetVictor’s second huge payout in the past six months; the past one was for £4.5 million and also awarded to a slots player.

MGM Grand and Cirque du Soleil Cited in KA Performer’s Death

31-year-old Sarah Guillot-Guyard (left) was killed when she fell 94 ft. throughout a performance of ‘Ka’ in Las Vegas; now the MGM Grand and Cirque du Soleil have been cited for violations. (Image supply: Las Vegas Review-Journal)

In shows like the Cirque du Soleil franchise across Las Vegas which constantly push the envelope on stunning aerial feats, jumps and drops it is not immediately apparent when a tragedy that is real and something of the performers is fatally hurt.

As well as for audience people watching ‘Ka’ at the MGM Grand on June 29, it had been confusion and then shock once they learned they’d in reality witnessed the first fall that is fatal the Montreal-based Cirque’s 29-year history. It happened when 31-year-old aerialist that is french-born Guillot-Guyard’s guide wire broke while she was suspended in mid-air over the enormous stage, causing her to fall 94 feet. It is not clear if she actually died instantly, but was pronounced dead upon transport to University Medical Center’s Trauma Unit, with all the cause of death being multiple blunt force injuries.

OSHA Research Complete

Now the Nevada Occupational protection and Health Administration which briefly shut the show down following the incident has cited both Cirque du Soleil and the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas for security and record-keeping violations in the young female’s death. In addition, OSHA said that Sarah Guillot-Guyard herself had been partially responsible for the tragedy, noting that her ‘rapid ascent’ was component of the main reason her rope broke on June 29th.

Especially, OSHA said that rapid ascent caused the rope to be removed of its roller that is grooved and, which subsequently made it scrape against a shear point and break. The accident took place during a ‘Battle Spearmen Warriors’ scene, where performers become locked in a battle that is mock. Like most Cirque programs, this one had two performances a night, and this occurred through the subsequent show. While the aerialists rappeled along a wall that is verticalsee picture), they had nothing to put up them set up besides these cables that took them as high as 120 legs up; each performer must control their own guide cables via a harness with hand settings. The scene was the climax of ‘Ka.’

With the investigation that is four-month completed, OSHA has cited Cirque du Soleil with six proposed safety violations, while the MGM Grand where the ‘Ka’ theater is housed received just three citations. The scene that is final of show has since been amended. Particularly, Cirque has been cited for not protecting the show’s performers from bumping into an overhead grid throughout the show, and also for neglecting to offer the safety that is necessary to Guillot-Guyard.

Small Fines Issued

The two organizations can appeal the citations; if they do not, Cirque has to spend a relatively paltry $25,000 fine, while MGM Grand’s will be $7,000 (a thing that probably represents less than the usual 15-second profit margin on a sluggish night for them).

A information that is public for the Department of Business and Industry calls the violations noted as ‘fairly small.’

Guillot-Guyard, whom possessed a 22-year performance history and was with Cirque for seven years at the time of her death, left out two young children. Following completion of an autopsy and the investigation, her body had been returned for burial to her home in Paris at the Cimetière de Montmartre.

Wisconsin Indian Casino Wars Coming to A head

It is a tribe that is indian, but this time, they’re going for headcounts, not scalps. (Image supply: mpmedu)

Many individuals watching casino that is new through the outside might think they’re pretty cut-and-dried: on usually the one hand, you have actually the pro-casino constituents in search of financial development and more jobs; on one other, you have residents and clergy, caution of traffic jams, criminals and the wages of sin that gambling might bring.

But in reality, who lobbies for and against brand new casinos in a area is really a more topic that is complex it seems on the surface, and the possible Kenosha casino being bandied about in Madison, Wisconsin is a perfect example of this subtext.

Governor in the Middle

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is wanting to placate several warring constituencies concerning the proposed Native American casino project, not minimal of which are competing gambling enterprises who come to mind about the chance of lost revenues if your house that is rival up too close to theirs. Now Walker is trying to obtain the Kenosha economy moving without impacting jobs in Milwaukee.

‘In the next days that are few are going to be announcing what steps we have been going to take and exactly how we can attempt to mitigate those concerns,’ Walker said recently, noting he has not yet decided how to proceed.

The Forest County Potawatomi tribe that runs the Potawatomi Bingo Casino near Miller Park say they could lose 3,000 worker jobs if the competitive casino goes up at stake are 1,400 potential construction jobs and 3,300 casino worker jobs that the Menominee tribe (who are behind the Kenosha project) are promising if approved; on the other side of the coin.

The U.S. Department of Interior’s Bureau of Indian Affairs gave a thumbs-up for the Menominee tribe’s proposal for a casino that is off-reservation Kenosha in August, of which point neither a developer nor any type of management team had been named; in early October, the $808 million project planned for the previous Dairyland Greyhound Park home got the blessing of the Hard Rock Cafe Global, Inc., who have now signed on to fulfill both roles. If completed, the new Hard Rock could be a 100,000-square-foot gaming facility with 3,100 slot machines and 75 table games, and will be unrolled in phases.

Approvals Rest with Walker

Now, it all rests with Walker, who says his approvals that are final counting on Wisconsin’s 11 federally respected Indian tribes to come together and smoke the peace pipe. Even though seven of those tribes currently right back the newly designated tough Rock’s entree into Wisconsin video gaming, the Potawatomi’s resistance has turned into a major sticking point. And siding with the Potawatomi are, not surprisingly, other Indian tribes with casino loyalties of these very own, including the Ho-Chunk Nation (which has several casinos in the Madison, Wisconsin Dells and main Wisconsin areas) and the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin ( which has a Green Bay property).

As for the Guvner, he’s got his own dilemmas to contend with: re-election. He comes up for the vote again next year, and obviously can’t afford to tick too many people off. He additionally made a 250,000 job campaign vow in his term that is first he knows that could come back once again to haunt him if perhaps not handled delicately.

‘To me greater problem is all about jobs, trying to look at the potential of new jobs at the time that is same to mitigate any damage that would be done elsewhere,’ said Walker.

‘ The time for leadership to rise could be the time when you have actually the toughest of choices and be the many creative in finding ways to deal with the problems people face in the state,’ he added. ‘I think we are going to discover a creative way to move this ahead.’

One unnamed source claims the conditions Walker might impose include a requirement that the Menominee reimburse any competitors for any drop in profits; an idea that sounds pretty crazy to us, but one which the the Menominee evidently agreed to last month and recently reaffirmed.

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